Rant & Rave (30/09/12)

  • @katyguest36912


There is a name for people who don't eat meat – vegetarians; those who avoid meat and dairy – vegans; and those who eat meat, dairy and carbs with an extra helping of chips – Adam Richman from the Travel Channel's Man v Food. There's also a name for people who "don't eat meat", but make an exception if the animal it comes from isn't cute. These are called fussy eaters.

It is mostly the fussy eating community that is spitting its carb-free dummy out over the suggestion by the TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright that culled badgers could be eaten. The reaction has been one of horror – not because badger meat is probably towards the rank end of "gamey", but because Britain is a nation of animal lovers and eating Mr Badger is cruel. Instead, the fussy eaters will stick to non-fluffy, battery-farmed chickens. Those hens need to get themselves a stripey new kit and some good PR.


Chefs hats off to Mary Berry, who is Britain's new favourite style icon after she glammed up last week's The Great British Bake Off with a floral bomber jacket that she bought last year at Zara for £29.99. (Last year! Don't tell the fashion set.) Berry also became an icon to Britain's amateur chefs after admitting that she does not make her own filo pastry. (She's far too busy being a style icon.) Let's hope that TV bosses have noticed that the most unlikely hit show of the year is made by its presenters: a 77-year-old, grey-haired woman, a Cambridge-educated lesbian, and a man from the Wirral. More of this!