Saudi Arabia, The Big Fat Quiz and a happy new year: The top 10 most read on Independent Voices over the last week


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So what debates really set the agenda this week? Here are the most-read Independent Voices articles from the last week...

Could Saudi Arabia be next?

Although nobody can predict which way the ‘Arab Awakening’ will turn in 2013, Robert  Fisk looks at the implications of the future changes that could come, both in the Middle East and in the wider world in the new year.

Sexual violence is not a cultural phenomenon in India - it is endemic everywhere             

Owen Jones considers at the response to the tragic gang rape in Delhi. Although some have said this is a cultural problem inherent in India, he argues it’s endemic all over – it just isn’t spoken about frequently.

Complaints to Ofcom about Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of The Year - do you think they took it too far?

As it’s reported that Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of The Year received criticism for some crude jokes on the show, we decided to see if our readers agreed. After 10,000 votes, 95 per cent think that the show didn’t take it too far. 

The top 10 comedians who were told they took it too far

Following the supposed controversy surrounding the Big Fat Quiz of The Year, we take a look at some other comedians who have made the headlines for jokes which cross the line.

Syria is many conflicts rolled into one. It is also at the centre of two regional struggles    

Although a military stalemate between the government and rebels in Syria will result in a negotiated settlement, Patrick Cockburn believes it won’t happen for a long time.

Has Cheryl Cole created the most ridiculous dance move of all time?      

It might not be the most important topic of the week, but it is one of the most amusing. In Cheryl’s new video, she mounts a male dancer – both doing the ‘crab’. They then bounce up and down. Can’t imagine it? Take a look.

The New Year Dishonours list: Recognition for those who did their worst

Terence Blacker announces the awards to public figures for nauseating contributions to our everyday lives. Branson, Middleton and Miliband all managed to make the grade.

Yes, you're racist: The casual comments permeating Twitter

When Logan Smith started the Twitter account @YesYoureRacist, he had no idea just how prevalent casual racism seemed, or how often people didn’t realise they were offensive. Here, he explains what he’s learnt in the last three months of the experiment.

A year in break ups: The best autocorrects from 2012

It’s that time when we like to reflect on the best moments of 2012 – and the worst. Lee Williams looks at the most comical typos from the last year. Damn autocorrect!

Every woman in India is likely to have experienced some sexual harassment

Talking a different approach at the issue of sexual harassment, Kavitha Rao argues that the issue is both widespread and a part of daily routine for most women in India.