Scudamore's sexism scandal

Should the Premier League have fired their chief executive for sending sexist emails?

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The Premier League, of which Scuadmore has been chief executive since 1999, has announced that he will not face further disciplinary action for sending sexist emails. His temporary PA, Rani Abraham, found the messages, which were full of crass innuendo and referred to women as “gash” and "big titted broads”, on a private email account and leaked them to a Sunday newspaper . 

Explaining their decision, the Premier League said: "These emails were private communications between friends of long-standing and the temporary PA was not exposed to them in the course of her duties but had to search for them in a private email account which she was not authorised to access.”

Abraham called it a “whitewash”, saying, "I can't understand how the Premier League can claim their investigation is 'rigorous' when they have never asked to interview me for my views or experience. Any proper investigation normally starts with the complainant and is expanded from there."

Now even David “calm down dear” Cameron has waded in, saying that a member of his cabinet wouldn’t be able to keep their job if they had sent the emails.

So, should Scudamore have got the boot?


says David Conn in the Guardian

The Premier League presents itself as “the ultimate modern, professional, corporate operation, but Scudamore's sub-adolescent email exchange…has revealed a body which falls rather short of that ideal…It has seemed not like a bastion of good practice but like a small coterie, rallying around the dominant figure of Scudamore”


says Martin Samuels in the Daily Mail

“We make mistakes. We mess up. We say inappropriate things, think inappropriate thoughts, laugh at  inappropriate times. We’re a virus with shoes, as Bill Hicks had it. And sometimes we act like asses. Scudamore was an ass. He needs to be told to stop behaving like an ass. And then left to do his job.”

What do you think? Does Scudamore need to be made an example of? Should the Premiere League take a tougher stance on sexism? Have your say in the poll below: