Tales from the Water Cooler: E! Isn’t that a lot of dross TV goss, Klass?

I thought they had put a stop to Miss World. Apparently not

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Like you, I presume, I would be happy to never again have to hear what is known as “celebrity goss”. It won’t surprise anyone to learn, then, that I am not a fan of E! channel, which is so excited about life that it incorporates an exclamation mark into its actual name. Imagine if other channels followed suit. I would definitely be more drawn to a three-hour discussion on electoral reforms in Burundi if it were shown on… the BBC World Service!

I did, though, find myself watching E! this week, as it was the only place to see the Emmys and, being a fan of US shows like The Big Bang Theory, Veep and Parks and Recreation, I was keen to see who won what. There were a lot of commercial breaks, though. And trailers for other upcoming E! attractions, one of which was Miss World, the final of which is shown at 5pm tomorrow night.

Yes, you heard right. Miss World. I know. I didn’t think they did it any more, either. Presenting this year’s shame-a-thon will be Myleene Klass, who certainly doesn’t need me to pour further scorn on her willingness to stuff her purse with wads of fifties and hundreds while betraying her very sex.

Let’s just hope those pesky Femen protesters who crashed the Nina Ricci catwalk show in Paris this week don’t jump on stage with their non-sparkly breasts and bring the whole poxy thing to a chaotic halt. Perish the thought.