Tales from the Water Cooler: Purple rain or pouring rein?


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As one prince reiterates his countryside credentials by leaving his bone-dry London palace to bolster the spirits of the flood-stricken folk of the Somerset Levels, another arrives in the capital and proves his man-of-the-people, down-to-earthness by performing a concert of jazz-tinged funk in the relatively sandbag-free environs of a living room in the East End.

Now, I know which blueblood I would prefer to pop by, but not everyone feels the same. Furthermore, Prince (the one who owns no tweed clothes) is currently rocking a monster Afro haircut and the sad fact is that there remain isolated pockets of this (still) United Kingdom where people would react with abject terror to a man with a big Afro. The Daily Mail newsroom, for one.

But shock is all relative, of course. There are just as many parts of the  UK where the appearance of the next in line to the throne would cause people to react with something approaching disdain by throwing something approaching pebbles.

And while Charles’s visit to the West Country was over almost as soon as you could say “evening news bulletin”, the smaller of the two heirs is going to stick around in London and dispense more funk in some of the city’s larger venues... welcome permitting.

“We’ll be here until you want us to leave,” said Prince. If only his older namesake were so considerate…