Tales from the Watercooler: Mum made me wash up, m'lud ...


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Two stories this week involving spurious lawsuits. First, New Jersey teenager Rachel Canning is suing her parents for £400-a-week “child support”, as well as demanding they pay her college fees and legal costs.

This is despite the fact that the no-doubt constantly eye-rolling 18-year-old flounced out of the house because she didn't like her parents' rules. Like me, you possibly saw this story and muttered: “Why, that obnoxious little *****. If she was MY daughter I would [insert suitably pre-21st-century punishment]”.

Then there is Mark Johnston, 52, who lost £300,000 in a Vegas casino, but is suing the owners, saying he was too drunk to gamble, having reportedly been so hammered he couldn't even see what cards he had.

I await the outcome of both cases with interest. If Ms Canning wins, I'd be keen to see if I could retrospectively sue my own family for a fortune, having “done one” from home as a teen on more than one occasion, due to some idiotic by-laws about washing up or keeping loaded firearms in the cat's litter tray.

As for Mr Johnston, there are a few bar owners in Glasgow I'd like to haul through the courts for serving me too many pints of Tartan Special, thus putting me on a path towards several ill-advised relationships and even more ill-advised kebabs.

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