The daily catch-up: bicycle race, Eurosceptics and historians' translations

Curios and notables fetched from the vasty deep of cyberspace by our chief political commentator

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1. Thanks to former colleague Simon Ricketts for this picture of the cycling event in east London yesterday. The peloton being the French name for the little wheel.

2. Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP, points out that the selection of a former Ukip leader who wants Britain to leave the EU to fight Thanet South for the Tories, where Nigel Farage is expected to stand, is not a one-off. Tory members are increasingly selecting candidates for the House of Commons who want to pull out of the EU, even if the terms of membership are renegotiated. Note that the word "Eurosceptic", which used to mean someone who was opposed to adopting the euro, now means a Better-Off-Outer.

3. John Blake, of Labour Teachers, takes apart the latest attempt to revive the Assisted Places Scheme - the public subsidy for a few pupils to go to private schools, which was abolished by Tony Blair in 1997 - this time from the Sutton Trust, which has a good record of campaigning for better state schools.

4. A useful glossary here for historians. Some examples:

Economic History: the dismal science, but without the science.

Peer Review: Like internet trolling, but completely anonymous.

Telly Don: Ex-historian biologically incapable of using past tense when describing events that happened in the past.


5. Maps of the US that will change the way you see internet maps for ever. Here is one of the "Top States of the US (when you treat north as pointing upwards)". Thanks to Robert Colvile.

6. Finally, thanks to Jewish Comedians for this, from George Burns:

"It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the 13th or the 14th."