The morning catch-up: Glastonbury, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix

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1. Genuine Glastonbury acts, according to Keri, include: Shit Robot, Electric Punanny, Couple of Mums, We Are Goose and Slightly Offensive Steve.

2. Ed Miliband probably asked his team what they thought David Cameron would want him to ask about at PMQs yesterday. "Andy Coulson," they would have replied. "I'll ask about him, then," said the Labour leader. That went well. My review for Independent Voices.

3. You may be too cool to waste time arguing about what's the best Beatles single. So David Hepworth did it for you. The current leader is "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever".

4. News to Ian Leslie, and to me too: English courts have dropped "beyond reasonable doubt" as too confusing and replaced it with "if you are sure". The judge can still explain "beyond reasonable doubt" if the jury aren't sure what "if you are sure" means.

5. "The reason why modern poetry is difficult is so the poet’s wife can’t understand it." Wendy Cope is no 2 in Terence Blacker's Top 9 Writer's Rules No 3, Marriage, now online. Includes advice from Chesterton, Byatt and - a bit of a surprise - Larkin.

6. Finally, thanks to Sanjeev Kohli:

The most open-minded rock musician was probably Jimi Hendrix. He used to stress to his roadies that "all feedback was welcome".