This week's wackiest web stories: Toddler taxi, Rihanna needs a thesaurus and why, Weiwei?

Meet the headless ladybird, the stinkiest toilet in the world and the feline with a taste for archaeology

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Cheaper by the dozen

A nursery teacher has been fined Pretoria metro police for cramming 19 tots in car for an outing to a local Spur restaurant.

Keeping its head down

A rare "headless" ladyird has been discovered in Montana. Sleepy Hollow has its headless horseman and now Montana has a headless ladybug.

Skeletons in the...boudoir?

The skeleton of a French man was found in bed, still wearing pyjamas, at his home in Lille. Police estimate the corpse had lain there undisturbed for 15 years.

Couldn't they have lit a match?

Around 53 people were treated for minor injuries after reporting nausea and sore eyes from noxious gases coming from the toilet at Tegel airport, the Berliner Morgenpost reported. Fire fighters arrived at the scene to investigate the toilet, but upon entering the room they too became ill.

Sure-fire votes

Want a chance to win a rifle or handgun? Go vote. That's the message from an Atlanta-area sporting goods store. The promotion caught the attention of the Secretary of State's office last week and drew a complaint from a state senator who said it may break the law.

Why, Weiwei?

Dissident Artist in lame Gangam parody. Artist, Yes, Dancer, No:

Hip hop's royal couple loses trademark battle.

After her child's birth, the 31-year-old songstress tried to trademark the name, reportedly to begin a line of baby products. It wasn't long before Blue Ivy Events owner Veronica Alexandra was thrust into the spotlight as she tried to defend her company's name.

Rihanna, please buy a thesaurus

Time magazine have written an open letter to pop superstar, Rihanna, requesting she use more words in her songs, "we fear it may be a case of good girl gone fembot".

Anne Onymous

Give social networks fake details, advises Whitehall web security official A senior government official has sparked anger by advising internet users to give fake details to websites to protect their security.

Will Ferrell's Swedish secret

More evidence of Will Ferrell's weirdness is present by Mashable, in the form of these Swedish television ads for Old Milwaukee beer only burnish his bizarre legend.

Superman quits reporting

X-Ray vision hacking 'the work of one rogue reporter', says Daily Planet.

What next? Tea in the canals?

Towns in the Netherlands are considering a proposal to heat cycle lanes to encourage greater use of bicycles in winter.

Think pink

Referees will be using pink penalty flags at MetLife Stadium, for the Miami Dolphins-New York Jets game. The idea was thought up by a 10 year-old to mark the final weekend of Breast Cancer Awareness month.


Rome resident Mirko Curti stumbled upon 2,000-year-old tomb piled with bones while chasing wayward feline near his apartment.

Google Canyon

Google Maps has officially stepped into what may be its most difficult challenge yet — mapping the alleys, ledges and trails of the world unreachable by Street View’s cars, tricycles and snowmobiles. The effort formally began on foot Monday as Google took three of its Trekker backpacks down into the Grand Canyon for the new gadgetry’s maiden voyage.