Today's wackiest web stories: Turns out the afterlife does exist, after all. Who knew?

Dude, wo ist mein car?; a mum goes on strike; why Romney is completely wrong; swimming with tigers and the only way to travel

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The afterlife exists, after all

A prominent scientist who had previously dismissed the possibility of the afterlife says he has reconsidered his belief following an out-of-body experience.

Dude, wo ist mein car?

A man in southern Germany has been reunited with his vehicle two years after getting drunk and forgetting where he parked it.

Quadrillion euros of telephone bill

A woman in south-west France, who received a telephone bill of nearly 12 quadrillion euros, has had the real amount she owed waived - after the company admitted its mistake.

Mum power

Jessica Stilwell, a Canadian mother, has become an internet hit after going on strike for six days, refusing to tidy up after her three daughters, and setting up a blog called 'Striking Mom' that documented the ensuing chaos.

Completely right

Team Obama got a good chuckle Wednesday when it was revealed that a Google Image search of the phrase “completely wrong” yielded a series of photos of GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

A diamond bigger than Earth?

Forget the diamond as big as the Ritz, this one's bigger than planet Earth. Orbiting a star that is visible to the naked eye, astronomers have discovered a planet twice the size of our own made largely out of diamond.

Hot line, indeed

Florida Governor Accidentally Gives Number for Phone Sex Line Instead of Meningitis Line.

Happy eater

Researchers at the University of Toyko have developed a smile-activated refrigerator, which requires users to flash a grin before entering.

I see yoooooou!

Taiwanese newspaper The Liberty Times printed a satellite picture, downloaded with a humble iPhone 5, showing a top-secret long-range radar base in the northern county of Hsinchu. The defence ministry wasn't best pleased.

Tiger crawl

If swimming with dolphins is not exciting enough for, how about a tiger cub? A private zoo in Dade City, Fla., is now giving patrons the chance to swim with a Siberian tiger cub.


DDB New York has created an ad for the Haitian charity "Water Is Life" that humiliates whiners on Twitter who use the "#Firstworldproblems" hashtag to complain about life's trivial challenges.

Harsh punishment?

A German court has ordered a dominatrix to pay 200 euros ($260) to a local charity as a penance after a client accused her of hurting and robbing him.


In the imagination of guidebook writers, who see places as they should be but rarely as they are, there is a passionate love affair between the city of Rosario and its famous progeny, global soccer star Leo Messi.


This is the sweetest story you will read all day. A 234-pound orphaned walrus will arrive at the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn on Thursday after an improbable journey from Alaska.

Packed and loaded

A Boston-bound man wearing body armor, flame-retardant leggings and knee pads under a trench coat was arrested at LAX airport after a customs officer found a smoke grenade and several weapons in his checked luggage. Wonder what gave the game away?