Today's wacky stories from the web: Internet addiction, not-all-you-can-eat and the manatee rider

The strangest stories to hit the web today.

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300-Pound Fashion Victims

Pondered in the NFL locker room this season, as some players try on their new tighter, sleeker Nike uniforms, is a question usually reserved for Nordstrom fitting lounges: Does this make me look fat?

‘Internet-Use Disorder’

Internet-Use Disorder has been accepted for inclusion in the official psychiatrist’s diagnostic manual, the DSM-IV, as of next year. Of course, any self-respecting Internet addict knows that already.

Dr House

Mystery illness solved when family discovers new home was a meth lab. They were about to schedule doctor visits when a neighbor shared the bad news: 2427 Radcliffe was a former meth house.

Glow in the dark cash?

Pensioner's Cash Radioactive. A 61-year-old Moscow resident discovered that the 5,000 ruble bills she had been stashing under her pillow were emitting dangerous levels of radiation.


Brighton all-you-can eat restaurant bans two 'greedy' diners

Because the planet can sing...really.

Chorus is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth's radiation belts. For years, ham radio operators on Earth have been listening to them from afar. Now, NASA's twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes are traveling through the region of space where chorus actually comes from—and the recordings are out of this world


Almost 2,400 Millionaires Pocketed Unemployment Benefits. Almost 2,400 people who received unemployment insurance in 2009 lived in households with annual incomes of $1 million or more, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Holidays on the Guerrilla trail

Former Nepalese Maoist insurgency leader Prachanda has launched a new tourist trail and guide book, giving walkers the chance to see routes and hideouts used by the guerrillas.

Manatee rider

Woman photographed riding a manatee surrenders Authorities in Pinellas County announced Tuesday the surrender of the woman shown in photographs taking a joyride on a manatee, classified as an endangered species in Florida.

Crime in NY

Apple popularity behind rise in crime in New York. Crime in New York City has been significantly elevated by the theft of Apple products such as iPods, iPhones and iPads the NYPD commissioner has revealed.

Toiny Dinosaur

Not every dinosaur grew up to be a mighty predator like Tyrannosaurus rex or a hulking vegan like Apatosaurus. A few stayed small, and some of the smallest dinosaurs that ever lived — tiny enough to nip at your heels — were among the first to spread across the planet more than 200 million years ago.

Nelson Mandela, perhaps? Martin Luther King, maybe?

Mexico row over Azeri leader Heydar Aliyev's statue. The latest monument in Mexico's capital was erected to commemorate the life of a man who, the plaque reads, was a "shining example of loyalty to the universal ideals of world peace".

No. The life-sized bronze statue now adorning a special garden in Mexico City is of the former president of the oil-rich Azerbaijan and recipient of the Order of Lenin, Heydar Aliyev.