#UKIP, Ukip, #Merlin: Why are they trending?

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#UKIP, Ukip, #Merlin

Michael Fabricant, a Conservative vice-chairman is calling on the Prime Minister to set out plans for a referendum on EU membership in exchange for Ukip not standing in the next general election.

He told The Independent: "This pact could yield an additional 20 to 40 seats, perhaps more, in 2015 if Ukip co-operates.

In other Ukipnews, Rotherham council is considering a report into the row over a foster family who had children in their care taken away because they belong to UKIP. Social workers at the centre of the row over removing their children have been given until today to justify their decision.

@stefanohat tweets: "keep trying to focus on what michael fabricant is saying re UKIP, but the hair, the hair..."


The successful TV series, Merlin is to be axed after five years, with the current BBC1 run to be its last. The BBC said it  will bow out with a "dramatic" two-part finale.

@MerlinOfficial tweets:  "I know this is the end, and I know this is goodbye, but thank you for being there on the journey with us" - Colin Morgan, Merlin

and: "We still have THE BEST EVER series finale in the pipeline. Oh yes. We're going out with a bang... Who's with us? For Camelot! Merlin"

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