Wheels by Wonga: a great chance to peddle while you pedal


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Transport for London is seeking a new sponsor for the capital’s “Boris bike” cycle hire scheme after Barclays ended its sponsorship.

For those outside of the capital, Boris bikes are a scheme in which people who aren’t commited or experienced enough to own their own bike, or are a jet-lagged tourist with no previous experience of London’s lethal roads, are encouraged to ride an unattractive bike gingerly and illegally along pavements, or amid four lanes of Marble Arch rush-hour traffic while motorists gobble valium in their wake. I can’t think of anything that could improve this whole concept other than the bikes having Wonga, Durex or Benson and Hedges written down the side.

Nap your way to the top, like me

A study has revealed that a national “nap time” could help to reduce the 131 million sick days taken each year, with 15 million of those days linked to tiredness in some way. I endorse this idea wholly. I never trust anyone who claims an inability to sleep during the day.

Olympic-standard nappers – as I count myself – get twice as much done, waking from their child-like pillow crease-faced power slumber ready to take on the universe. Either that or we sleep right through until the next day, and that’s pretty awesome too.

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