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What's trending and why? 8 November 2012

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Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon's appearance on @ITVThisMorning is causing a stir. He introduced David Cameron, saying, "Now it's time for Tony Blair the Prime Minister of the United States of England'

@MattChorley tweets: "'Alright Tony Blair!' Keith Lemon on @ITVThisMorning tells David Cameron he wants him to act on 'clobberisation of seals'"

@GordonMacMillan tweets: "Ed knows the feeling RT Sun_Politics: Cameron left red-faced on ITV's This Morning as Keith Lemon repeatedly calls him "Tony Blair"..."



A series of hilariously re-worked football chants are trending on Twitter, with a PC theme.

@Bradyyates tweets: "#PoliticallyCorrectFootballChants "2 world wars and 1 world cup, doo dah, but you've won 3 world cups, 2 euros & your ecomony is very strong."

Unfortunately, a minority of Twitter's users appear to have confused "politically correct" with "health and safety regulation", thereby killing the gag instantly.

@Yodi_C tweets: "#PoliticallyCorrectFootballChants the recent evacuation of your stadium has led me to believe this is in fact a fire drill"

@Ieuan Pugh tweets: "If you are looking to open your bowels, be sure to find the nearest public restroom in Avonmouth #PoliticallyCorrectFootballChants"


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