Why are they trending? #Lynndebate, Romney, Tour de France, Lance Armstrong, Ceefax

What's trending and why? 23 October 2012

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#Lynndebate, Romney

Obama and Romney's final debate was held last night. The president accused Romney of espousing positions that are "wrong and reckless", adding: "Every time you've offered an opinion you've been wrong".

Tour de France, Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong may have to repay his Tour de France winnings after being stripped of his seven titles. The International Cycling Union president said: "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling" and that the American "deserves to be forgotten."   @mrdanwalker tweets: "Only 3 Tour De France winners since 1995 have not been tainted by a drugs scandal."  

@Zombie_Phil tweets: "I hear the Tour de France is pretty dope."


Ceefax has died. This suicide note is trending on Twitter. RIP.


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