Why are they trending? #RedDwarfX, #Romney, #debate2012, #nationalpoetryday, Syria

What's trending and why? 4 October 2012

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Presidential, #Romney, #debate2012

Last night's presidential debate has swung public opinion in favour of Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who, according to today's IV Drip, "appeared feisty and combative in contrast to a more measured (some would say weedy) Obama."

Read the round-up of reactions from the US newspapers here. And, to see what celebrities have been tweeting about it, click here.

@OliviaWilde tweets: "Mittens, if you want the federal gov't out of our health care decisions, then stay the F out of our VAGINAS. #debate2012."



London's Piccadilly Lights are being emblazoned with lines of poetry to celebrate National Poetry Day, today, now in its 18th year.

Getting into the spirit of things, poet and journalist Musa @Okwonga tweets: "Dad, I outgrew you - I six-foot-two'd you!/Touché, you lose, at six-foot-one.."



Turkish artillery has fired on Syrian targets for a second day, Turkey's state-run media said, in retaliation for shelling from Syria that struck a border village, killing five civilians. @Reuters tweets: "Syria says it respects the sovereignty of neighboring countries, urges "states and governments" to act wisely and rationally".


#Dave #smeghead #RedDwarfX

After a very long wait, Red Dwarf is finally returning to our screens, on Dave tonight at 9pm.

It looks like the cast have been marauding around London to celebrate the return of the series.  A return to form, then, as star Robert Llewellyn

revealed in a recent interview with the Sun, “When I started in 1989, [getting the makeup done] was a five-hour job, so I got up incredibly early. As I was going down in the lift at 4.30am, Craig would be coming back from partying.”

Red Dwarf fan Kate tweets: "It's #RedDwarfX day, that means DannyJohnJules back on my tv. I'm a happy lady".


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