Why are they trending? #toryname, Obama and Romney, #election2012, America, Ohio, Nadine Dorries

What's trending and why? 6 November 2012

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Obama and Romney, #election2012, America,Ohio

US Elections! They are finally upon us, and British tweeps are just as gripped by the suspense of the final campaign day as all those who actually can vote over in the States.

@Caitlinmoran tweets: "Today, @heawood is live-Tweeting the Fox News coverage of the US election, so you don't have to watch it."

@IndyWorld tweets:"An unshaven, down-on-his-luck voter from Canton is the one Obama and Romney have been fighting over." http://ind.pn/Qk52FY election2012

Joan Rivers tweets: "Tomorrow we'll find out who will run the country for the next four years - Michelle Obama or Ann Romney."

@mrchrisaddison tweets: "See, how is it that Romney supporters think those who CAUSED the mess are the ones to get them OUT of the mess?"

Nadine Dorries

Tory MP Nadine Dorries is facing a barrage of criticism after heading to Australia to take part in reality TV show I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here, because she could be abandoning her constituency for up to a month in order to have a lovely time swanning around an island paradise crawling through vermin-infested tunnels and eating cockroaches.

@OwenJones84 tweets: "Would you like Nadine Dorries to be the cat? http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2012/11/how-much-will-we-be-paying-nadine-dorries-while-shes-jungle"


This is a fun time-wasting game where you work out what your "Tory name" would be by taking your grandmother or father's name plus the street you grew up in and then your headmaster's name . The method is disturbingly close to finding out your "porn star name" (first pet plus road where you grew up). Hmmm.

@guywalters tweets: "I love my Tory name... I'm Rupert Forty-Wheeler! (I'm so Rupert Forty-Wheeler.)"

Although, in my view "Guy Walters" works just as well.

@OwenJones84 tweets: "My #toryname: Peter Beech-Mallon (your grandfather + street you grew up in + headmaster's name) "

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