Why are they trending? #vpdebate, Joe Biden, Edgar Davids, #theplanecrash

What's trending and why? 11 October 2012

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#vpdebate, Joe Biden

Twitter is awash with comments about Joe Biden's riproaring counterattack last night on the Republicans.

buck4itt tweets: "Joe Biden's having a scotch right now while Paul Ryan's mom is putting his "debate participation" certificate on the refrigerator. vpdebate"

Edgar Davids

Another sporting thing is trending.  Edgar Davids (who I've never heard of)  has taken up a player/coaching role with Barnet (who I've never heard of). Please check our much better-informed football (this is about football, isn't it?) section for insightful news updates.

@BarnetFC tweets: "FULL Story of esdavids joining us at http://www.barnetfc.com  barnetfc"



Forget car crash TV, this is plane crash TV. In a TV first, The Plane Crash is an experiment by Channel 4, where a team crash-lands a Boeing 727 aircraft in order to study the impact on the human body. It's aim was to answer the "fundamental questions we all ask ourselves each time we board a plane”. Reassuringly for many, economy class came out as the safest place to sit. Here's our take on the show - plus a bit of background on the four years' worth of work that went into making it.


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