Why are they trending? Yes Obama, America, USA, #fourmoreyears, #election2012

What's trending and why? 7 November 2012

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America, USA, #fourmoreyears, Obama and Romney, #election2012, America,Ohio

The UK awoke to the news that President Barack Obama has secured another four years in the White House. He celebrated his victory with a tweet which became the most re-tweeted of all time: @BarackObama "Four more years. pic.twitter.com/bAJE6Vom"

#electionmoments, Yes Obama

Twitter has already breathed a sigh of relief, made jokes, celebrated, cast doubts, made sarcastic comments and moved on from the big news of Obama's victory. It is now reminiscing over the best moments from the last day's excitement, using the hastag #electionmoments

@CharandeepS1ngh tweets: "Great victory for BarackObama and for America. A win for rationality, unity and hope. election2012 electionmoments"

@Orange_lava tweets: Phew! Good on you America. americafuckyeah electionmomentsObama

There's a lot of wonderful stuff out there, but our choice moments include:

Toddlers debating who would make the best president - Obama, Romney or Big Bird

The pregnant woman who cast her vote while she was in labour, now that's dedication to the democratic system

Did "flag head lady" ruin Obama's victory speech, or make it the best EVER? - you decide. (P.S. she has her own Twitter account here)

...and our own (hilarious - even if we do say so ourselves) review of the UK's coverage of the US elections from "Questionable Time" blogger @loudribs

What were yours?


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