Winckler's Wacky Web: Save your bacon

Imminent bacon shortage, MySpace brings sexy back, too fat to fight, monkey business, the luckiest Norwegians in the world, cat-napping cat burglar and why the Japanese love bagels.

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Save your bacon

Don't panic, but...there's a bacon shortage on the way. As if times weren’t depressing enough, now the UK’s National Pig Association (“fighting for the growth and prosperity of the British pig industry” is their motto) warns that a global bacon shortage is now unavoidable.

Thirsty work

Question of the day: How long does it take to afford a beer?

No-brain on plane

Why can’t you open windows on planes? Asks US president candidate Mitt Romney. Gaffe-prone Romney, 65 — dubbed Mitt the Twit — told how his wife Ann was on a jet in an emergency landing. He said she should have been able to open a window on the tarmac in Denver to get FRESH AIR because of a fire on board.

MySpace brings sexy back.

Fifteen months after its acquisition by Specific Media, we’re finally getting a sneak peek at the new MySpace. Justin Timberlake — who took an ownership stake in the new MySpace — tweeted a link to a video previewing the new service.

No kiddie stuff

Trampolines are too dangerous for children to use, the American Academy of Pediatrics said on Monday. Citing nearly 100,000 injuries in 2009, the academy issued the warning in a statement published in Pediatrics and noted that the safety nets added in recent years don’t make much of a

Too fat to fight

Childhood obesity isn't just a health issue, according to a group of retired military leaders. It's also a national security issue.

Monkey buisness

A group of scientists created a novel brain implant that improves cognitive performance and decision-making in a monkey. The device, developed in part by researchers at USC, manipulates ongoing brain activity to guide the animal away from mistakes and toward a correct decision.

Third time (still) lucky

A Norwegian family has won the country's national lottery three times in six years, taking home a total of more than 3m euros (£2.4m).

Mind reading tail

Meet Shippo, the furry clip-on tail that wags when you're happy or excited and droops in a neutral position when you're calm and meditative.

A brush stroke of luck

When artist Beth Feeback bought two large second-hand paintings at $9.99 each from a Goodwill charity store in North Carolina, she intended to paint over them. It’s a good thing she didn’t. One of the paintings turned out to be the work “Vertical Diamond” by notable 20th century artist Ilya Bolotowsky, and Sotheby’s, the world-famous auction house, has valued it at between $15,000 and $20,000.

Cat (napping) burglar

Washington County deputies have arrested a man who fell asleep while allegedly burgling a home in Rock Creek Friday.

Ronaldo's weighty matter

Brazil legend Ronaldo is continuing his battle with his weight, but will do so publically as he has signed up for a reality television show to help him shed the pounds ahead of an upcoming charity match.

'Bagel head' look is big in Japan

National Geographic's Taboo shows three people having saline infusions to create the look, inspired by the breakfast favourite.

I'd rather have hiccups

Soldier charged with manslaughter after trying to cure another of hiccups.