Winckler's Wacky World: Bonnie and Clyde bonanza

Guns for auction, an interesting diplomatic gift, the global nappy shortage, Jiminy Cricket's B.O. problem and the first intergalactic art

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He shot me down Bang Bang

Two guns which were in the possession of notorious gangsters Bonnie and Clyde when they were killed in a hail of gunfire sold at a New Hampshire auction Sunday for more than half a million dollars.

From Russia with Puppy Love

Russia has agreed to deepen its investments in Venezuela to tap new oilfields, but that's not all; President Hugo Chavez also thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for a personal gift — a puppy.

Alligator Fun for Kids

Bob Barrett and his team at Alligator Attraction in Johns Pass were thinking outside the box when they came up with the idea to bring gators to your home for a pool party.

I'll be there for you

A man convicted of smuggling in Sweden outwitted his jailers by sneaking in a friend to serve most of his yearlong sentence, prison officials said Friday.

Global nappy shortage

The world could face a shortage of disposable nappies after an explosion and fire at a Japanese chemical plant, responsible for as much as one fifth of the global market.

Iran 0 - Onion 1

An Iranian news agency has apologised after being fooled by a spoof story from a US satirical website. Fars news agency said on its website that its news item "was extracted" from The Onion website on Friday, but was taken down in less than two hours. The Onion's story claimed that rural Americans preferred Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Barack Obama.

Stinky situation

As branch manager of Synergy Bank in Waco, Jani Rodriquez is used to handling all manner of situations.But for the past few months, Rodriquez has been stumped by a problem that has plagued several local businesses — a foul odor caused by decaying cricket carcasses.


The prolific Parisian artist who has 'Invaded' cities around the world takes over a new territory by sending a piece into the stratosphere. He's become  the first artist to send an artistic creation this far above the earth's surface.