Winckler's Wacky World: Samuel says vote

Google street view goes underwater, snap crackle and tweet, the best picture ever, Canadian cheese smugglers, crazy like bananas

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Samuel L. Jacksons says "Wake the F**k Up"

The general message of SLJ's new video in support of Obama is pretty f-ing clear (and quite sweary too).The video isn't meant to win over undecided voters as much as energize those existing Obama supporters who may have been considering sitting this one out.

Who said Google Street View wasn't good?

In the course of mapping the the world's reefs for Google Street View, divers found the teensy weensy Denise's pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus denise) in Australian waters for the first time, reports New Scientist.

Chef boils wife

A chef who told police he boiled his wife's body for four days to hide evidence of her death was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder.

Snap, Crackle and Tweet

Kellogg’s has done away with the guessing about what's sponsored and what's genuine by opening a pop-up shop in London’s Soho area where people can buy their new savory crisps. The price for the snack? One of your own tweets.

'Melt in the body' electronics devised

Ultra-thin electronics that dissolve inside the body have been devised by scientists in the US and could be used for a range of medical purposes.

Water on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover has found evidence that the area in Gale crater it is traveling through once had vigorously flowing water for perhaps thousands or millions of years.

Probably the best picture ever

Stingray Photobomb Picture goes viral.


Craig Evans must have thought things couldn’t get any worse after he accidentally sent a saucy text message intended for a lover to every contact in his phonebook.How wrong he was!

Canadian cheese smuggling

A Canadian police officer was among three people charged as the country's authorities announced they had busted a major cheese-smuggling ring. In Canada only C$20 in dairy is allowed across the border duty-free.

Old School

A ban on laptops by the German parliament has given rise to an anachronistic protest by the country's Pirate Party: instead of laptops, they brought in a typewriter.

Crazy bananas

Smugglers stuffed cocaine worth £750,000 into hollowed out plantains in a consignment of fruit and vegetables, the UK Border Force said today.