Winckler's Wacky World: Skinny dipping record

The real Breaking Bad, "at one with the tiger", power punch broccoli, Nazi teen love letter, death row diets and when dance-offs turn violent.

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Skinny dippers

In Druridge Bay in Northumberland, hundreds of brave, naked people have sadly missed out on an attempt at the skinny dipping world record

The real Project X

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, riot police had to be called in after a teenager's Facebook event resulted in thousands of revelers descending on the small suburban town of Haren (pop. 18,000).

The real Breaking Bad

William Duncan, East Texas Teacher, Busted Peddling Meth in Junior High Parking Lot, Police Say First there was a real-life Walter White busted allegedly selling meth in Alabama...And now we have the case of William Duncan, 43-year-old junior high science teacher in Cass County, Texas.

The different kinds of Traders

'London traders try to bully you; traders in Paris use charm' What drives London traders nuts is that Germans will follow the rules, says one Frankfurt insider.

Easy Tiger

The demented man who was mauled at the Bronx Zoo after he leaped into a tiger’s den was not trying to kill himself, police officials said Saturday. David Villalobos told the cops who rescued him that “everyone in life makes choices” and that he wasn’t trying to commit suicide-by-tiger, said Paul Browne, the NYPD’s chief spokesman.His goal was to be “one with the tiger,” Browne said.

Power, Pollution and the Internet

Digital warehouses that hold servers for online companies use more than 30 billion watts of electricity, and in some cases these centers waste up to 90 percent of the electricity they purchase. The New York Times also found that many of these companies use backup generators that rely on diesel fuel in case there is a power outage and are on California’s list of top diesel polluters.

'Power Punch Broccoli'

Forget plain old carrots and boring broccoli; rebranding veggies as "X-ray Vision Carrots" or "Power Punch Broccoli" helps more kids eat healthy at school, according to a new study.

Romantic or Reckless?

The Plan to Message Aliens with Twitter.

Death row nutrition

A new study analysing the final food requests of 247 death row inmates has revealed that none of them were on the Atkins diet. Surprising.

Gang Style

Gangnam Style dance-off escalates into gang shootout in Bangkok. The West Side Story-esque show of rivalry has stoked a Thai debate over gang violence and K-pop video.

Warning sign

The love letters, school papers and dramatic works of college-age Joseph Goebbels reveal a romantic young man beginning to show signs of anti-Semitism and egotistical and controlling behavior, according to a Connecticut auction house selling the pre-war writings of Adolf Hitler's propaganda chief.