YouTube's hall of homophobia shame

The internet is home to gigabytes of homophobic content, much of it unintentionally funny. Take a look at the best (or worst) on offer

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With just a camera, a YouTube account and a set of outdated social attitudes, anti same-sex marriage activists can reach massive audiences online. Here we present the more outrageous.


1.    Standing outside the offices of a company that supports same-sex marriage, a man burns a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, apparently gay people’s favourite breakfast treat, in protest.


2.    The homophobic ditty sung by these two kids owes a debt - ironically - to the traditions of musical theatre.


3.    The National Organisation for Marriage produced this advert, which likens same-sex marriage to some kind of stormy apocalypse, as part of their mission to “protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it”.


4.    Intrepid activists from Human Rights Campaign managed to infiltrate the auditions for the advert above – and filmed some less than on-message homophobes.


5.   In a frothing rant, an American pastor suggests building a fence (50 to 100 miles long) and putting all the "queers and lesbians" inside it.


6.    Angelic youngsters worry that if same-sex marriage passes into law, their grandpas will become their grandmas. Which might be confusing if it wasn’t such rubbish.


7.    Mixing the roles of President, homophobe, and stand-up comedian, the leader of Iran Mr Ahmadinejad straight up denies the existence of homosexuals in his country.

8. The Westboro Baptist Church are renowned worldwide for their antipathy to homosexuals. But one Australian 'reporter' gets a crush he just can't resist (2:10).

To add to the three expertly argued reasons one Independent writer put forward in support of same-sex marriage, one more should go on record. Does anyone really, genuinely want to be on the same team as a guy who burns boxes of Cheerios? Think about it.

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