Ahmed Versi: Non-whites should not join the party?

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Joining the British National Party would oblige me to abide by its rules and policies which are, by their nature, racist and anti-Islamic. I don't think there will be any significant change to the BNP's approach to issues of race or religion.

What many people forget is that the BNP has been targeting Muslims in particular. The party's rhetoric is anti-Muslim and recently we have had a large number of white people who have been arrested on charges of wanting to firebomb mosques.

The BNP's membership policy is an important issue but their rhetoric and policies are not going to change just because they have been forced to change their constitution. Rhetoric and policy is the really important issue because that is what affects the ultimate goal: social cohesion.

Not enough people will take the step of joining to challenge the party's leadership from within.

Ahmed Versi is the editor of 'The Muslim News'