Angela Merkel: Fixing global problems requires European and US co-operation

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In the 21st century, challenges cannot be met by just one nation going it alone. I would like to underline that the Iranian people need to be given the right to peaceful demonstrations; that the Iranian people have the right to have votes counted and the election results substantiated; that the rights of human beings, of individuals, of citizens are indivisible the world over, and also apply, therefore, to the Iranian people.

We have to see to it that the Iranian nuclear program is stopped; that Iran does not get possession of a nuclear weapon. In this context, it is desirable, of course – it also looms large on our agenda – that the peace process in the Middle East gains momentum, that there is progress, visible progress, because that too might send a positive message to those forces in the Middle East who are not ready to be peaceful.

Germany and America will work closely together on this, just as on the questions related to arms reduction and disarmament. We wish you, President Obama, the best of success during the upcoming visit to Russia. A partnership with Russia is important for Germany, and also important for the EU. But we have every interest, also, in seeing a good relationship between the US and Russia. We need Russia, for example, [to be] looking at the problems we have with Iran, and we want to forge a common position wherever possible with Russia, but also with China. We've done that over the years in the format of the United Nations with a number of resolutions. That needs to be continued.

We dealt with the preparation of the G8 meeting and also the Pittsburgh meeting of the G20. We're on a good path. There has been progress. You have made important steps here in the US as regards financial market regulation. We are also working on that. And in the summer of this year, we can take stock and see where these regulations meet, and try to create a level playing field for the rest of the world.

We are grateful that we are also able, together with the United States, to work on principles as to how matters are to be taken into the future after this crisis. But we now have to emerge, obviously, from this crisis and [the] recovery of our economies is a great pre-condition for further progress.

This is an edited extract from a speech given by the German Chancellor at the White House on Friday