Calling all fakers: are you living a lie?

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Your debts piled up, your mortgage repayments were getting harder - and that canoe in the garage provided an apparent route to freedom. And you would have got away with, except for those pesky Panamanian estate agents.

Your problems might have been more related to a hideous reign of terror being brought to an end by UN forces and a rather different life of complementary therapy and a topknot beckoned.

Chances are, though, that it was more prosaic. But have you abandoned your old life? Did you once run away and find peace in anonymity; a new identity through which you can create the life you want, rather than the one you'd been saddled with? Or did your past follow you?

Did your habits catch you out, and you just rattled up new debts and find the same problems in a different place. Or perhaps a chance encounter with someone from your past unravel your new life?

If you've abandoned your life and started afresh, let us know using the form below - share with us how and why you started again and the artifices you created to sustain it. And if it fell apart, how and why?

You can post under a pseudonym and the email address you give will not be shared with anyone.