Carola Long: To pluck or not to pluck? I must admit I'm divided...

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At the risk of sounding like someone who's spent too much time in therapy, I'm "conflicted" about the latest rise of the bushy brow.

In one respect, I love big, natural looking brows and the idea that women will feel empowered to burn their tweezers. In another, there's the problem that I have naturally sparse blonde eyebrows that need pencilling not plucking, and for me this trend signals extra effort and committing to a deft Rolf Harris-style sketching technique to colour them in. Then there's the possibility that this big brow thing isn't about a confident look and liberation, but just another way for women to look younger; make-up artists and beauticians alike attest to the fact that thick natural brows create an impression of youth.

Then again, substantial brows frame the face and reduce the need for additional make-up. Like I said, I'm conflicted.