Danny Crates: On your marks for the Games' biggest rush

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The 100m final is the blue-riband event of any major athletics championships, but tonight's T44 final of the world's fastest amputee sprinters – the blade runners – will be one of the most exciting races in Paralympic history.

Oscar Pistorius's shock defeat in the 200m earlier this week is one reason. Some 80,000 people in the stadium were screaming for the South African and then Alan Oliveira flew past at the last second. The stadium was stunned into silence. Someone had finally beaten the great Pistorius.

Despite Pistorius's gripe, Oliveira is clearly running within the guidelines. What he's doing is no different to other sports such as cycling and rowing, where Team GB (especially) stretch the technology to its limits within the rules. Running is no different. You take the technology as far as you can to shave off those vital milliseconds. Oliveira was simply doing what Pistorius has been doing for years.

If Pistorius feels hard done by, think about the single-leg amputees in his class whom he keeps beating.

The incredible rivalries mean that tonight's final will be even more tense and exhilarating. With Pistorius, America's Jerome Singleton and Blake Leeper, GB's Jonnie Peacock, and Oliveira, the atmosphere will be electric.

Peacock has a real chance tonight. If he can put the media attention and pressure out of his mind, he'll do well. If he comes out showboating, it will be over for him.

Pistorius may have been beaten earlier this week and the 100m is his least favourite race. But you cannot write him off. When he's annoyed, he runs fast. My warning to the other runners: be scared.

Whatever happens, the crowd tonight will be hyped because we're guaranteed an amazing spectacle.

Danny Crates is a Paralympics presenter for Channel 4