Dr Raghunandan Singh Chundawat: Even this novel approach may not be enough to save the tiger

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The Indian Prime Minister has given a commitment to save the tiger. Everyone wants to save it. But the question is, are they doing enough? It is quite clear that they are not, because they have been unable to stop the decline. There are some things that are working, some that are not, but it's not proving enough.

The main problem is that there is just no accountability and the moment that there is, then things will start to move forwards.

This has meant that the authorities have held meetings and set up committee after committee. But even when the tigers disappeared they kept saying that poaching did not happen inside the [protected] parks. There was very clear evidence that this was happening, but the problem was that there was nobody to take responsibility.

If they really wanted to save the tiger then the first step would be to suspend a few of the top people who are responsible for stopping this decline. Overall, they are just not doing enough.

Dr Chundawat is a campaigner for the preservation of India's tiger population