Elisa Bray: Loudmouth chat trumps music, it seems


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Like many music lovers, I haven't listened to Radio 1 since John Peel died in 2004. His 10pm to midnight slot was essential listening, and how, as an impressionable teenager, I discovered all the (then) underground indie and post-rock bands that still remain among my favourites to this day.

Of course, Peel is far from the only real music lover on BBC radio – Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson all spring to mind. But the news that Chris Moyles may be taking over kills any lingering hopes that Radio 1 might return the late-night slot's focus to new sounds. By selecting Moyles – radio's biggest loud mouth and a celebrity shock-jock – they are making possibly the biggest shift that they could: from pure music to chat.