Elsa Vulliamy: These brews with a boost <i>do</i> taste good

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I normally drink Red Bull, as it's available everywhere and it comes in quite a small quantity. Relentless and Monster both come in enormous cans and I don't know about anyone else, but I struggle to drink a whole one. When it comes to taste, Red Bull is a mixture between fruity and chemical – it's great! It's very sweet, too. Relentless red berry flavour is also nice. It tastes just like juice, although it's carbonated. It's 50 per cent juice and 50 per cent other stuff. I tried the plain Monster, which is also fizzy, but it's much fruitier than Red Bull – and for some reason, I don't like it as much. Sometimes I drink energy drinks because I fancy one, other times because I just need to – for my sanity! It depends on the situation.