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On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 May, The Independent print edition is giving away a two-part collection of Robert Fisk's writings from the past 20 years offering a compelling introduction to the work of one of the supreme chroniclers of our times.

  • Volume one - 128 page book free on Saturday 10 May, 1989 -1998 from Beirut to Bosnia
  • Volume two - 128 page book free on Sunday 11 May, 1999 -2008 from Kosovo to Baghdad

There are great foreign correspondents . . . and then there is Robert Fisk. For decades, The Independent's man in Beirut has been unrivalled as a witness to the world's troubled places. Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Algeria, Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia - he has reported from them all in their darkest hours, fearlessly seeking out the truth and recording it with an honesty, passion and integrity that have won him a global following.

Combining the vividness of fiction with a forensic rigour and a profound - and sometimes prophetic - historical wisdom, his dispatches constitute an unforgettable portrait of a dangerous and tragic age.

Starts Saturday 10 May

Only with The Independent print edition.