Gilda: President Bush, you owe us an explanation for Iraq

From a speech at a Washington vigil by a mother of a US marine in Iraq, made in support of Cindy Sheehan's demonstration outside President Bush's ranch in Texas.
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We are gathered here to support Cindy Sheehan in her quest for truthful answers from President Bush about Iraq. This is a call to conscience! This is about supporting our troops who have served honorably and bravely under impossible conditions. They went under orders of their Commander-in-Chief to a war of choice unprepared and under equipped. President Bush, you owe us an explanation!

President Bush, we are not radical political extremists as the right-wing media would like to portray us. We are citizens - ordinary mothers and fathers who are fed up with painful and insulting lies. We have carried the weight of your disastrous policy on our shoulders.

President Bush, meet with Cindy. Tell that mother in that pathetic ditch by your house just exactly why her son died. Tell her how the war is going and what your plan is. Explain to her that "taking the fight to them" was really a brilliant way to get the naive and ignorant to fall unquestioningly behind you. Tell her how through your incompetence and at great expense in resources and human life, we destroyed Iraq, giving the Iraqis an infinitely worse hell than anyone could have ever imagined.

"We would send the wrong signal if we pulled out," you say, Mr Bush. What signal do you think we've sent the world since we invaded Iraq? You've destroyed our credibility and our good standing in the world. Most of all, Mr Bush, what's unforgivable is that you betrayed our idealistic American sons and daughters who trustingly placed their lives in your hands.

We, their mothers, will not let you "move on with your life", Mr Bush. We hold you accountable for their deaths and injuries. And we call now for an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. Now. Not next year. Not in 10 years!