Hillary Clinton: 'We have been split between left right and centre'

From a speech by the Senator from New York to the Democratic Leadership Council's 'National Conversation', meeting in Columbus, Ohio
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Thus, the clear mission of a unified Democratic Party is to back us out of that Republican tunnel, fill it in, go back across the bridge, and get America back in the business of building dreams again. Let us start by uniting against the hard-right ideology of those who have used it to divide Americans and distract us from our common responsibility.

We Democrats have not yet succeeded in isolating and defeating the far right, in part because all too often we have allowed ourselves to be split between left, right and centre. We can and should differ with one another on this or that detail of politics and ideas. After all, we are thinking Democrats, not lockstep Republicans.

It's time for all Democrats to work together based on the fundamental values we all share, values violated every day in Washington by the ideologues of the Republican right. In the 1990s, making those ideals real helped millions of American families.

The American dream is not just for us; it is for all who will come this way when we are gone. They deserve more than the self-indulgent and self-defeating policies of the Washington Republicans, and we can give it to them. We can restore America to its historic devotion to opportunity, responsibility, and the common good, with big dreams, new ideas, and old-fashioned values.

American life is not a zero-sum game. Our individual success is not dependent on someone else's failure. We must all rise together to renew the American dream for ourselves and for generations to come. That is our solemn responsibility and our great calling as Democrats and Americans.There is nothing more wonderful than making dreams come true.