Howard Dean: 'You have the power to take our country back'

From a speech given by the Democratic candidate in Burlington, Vermont, after officially dropping out of the presidential race
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Today my candidacy may come to an end - but our campaign for change is not over.

Over the last year, you have reached out to neighbors, friends, family and colleagues - building the greatest grassroots campaign presidential politics has ever seen. I will never forget the work and the heart that you put into our campaign.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new initiative to continue the campaign you helped begin. Please continue to visit for updates and news as our initiative develops. There is much work to be done, and today is not an end - it is just the beginning.

This Party and this country needs change. I want you to think about how far we have come. The truth is: change is tough. There is enormous institutional pressure in our country against change. There is enormous institutional pressure in Washington against change, in the Democratic Party against change. Yet, you have already started to change the Party and together we have transformed this race. Along the way, we've engaged hundreds of thousands of new Americans in the political process, as witnessed by this year's record participation in the primaries and caucuses.

The fight that we began can and must continue. Although my candidacy for president may end today, the most important goal remains defeating George Bush in November, and I hope that you will join me in doing everything we can to support the Democrats this fall. Always remember, you have the power to take our country back.