Indra Nooyi: No woman should die while bringing new life into this world

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Where I was born in India, pregnant women receive months of pampering from their mothers and other family members. Because my mother received this care during her pregnancy with me, she was there to give me the same treatment when I gave birth to my two children in the United States.

I often think of the women who are not as fortunate – those who must give birth without a trained medical worker, a doting mother, or a loving family member at their side. Who comes to their aid?

For all too many women around the globe, the answer is no one. They are left to face childbirth all alone not knowing whether they will survive. This is a fate that no woman should ever have to face.

As women, we share a special passion for this issue. But it should not be our issue alone. We need to make men our partners in progress. We need to teach all people to cherish the women in their lives. And we need to work together with governments and organizations to build a future where no woman needlessly dies while bringing new life into this world.

We have the resources and knowledge to achieve this vision. Now is the time to use them.