Johnny Borrell: 'Together, we can make a difference'

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I'm standing in an empty Wembley Arena surrounded by the debris of 10,000 people having a night out. Two hours ago Razorlight and I performed to these same people.I try to imagine 10,000 cars all converging on a single point, I try to imagine the carbon emissions from running four trucks, three tour buses, 40 crew and a light show.

Are we doing more harm than good? In our defence, we have played environmental video footage on giant screens at the concerts, I have written to my MP through Friends of the Earth ( and I have invited everybody there to turn up at today's "I Count" ( rally in Trafalgar Square.

Recently I have been faced with scientific calculations, voices from individuals and soundbites from the Government. There is a man on my television who wants me to vote for him in a future general election. He seems so sincere when it comes to the issue of climate change that I want to believe him. He says that we can solve the climate crisis without any damage to national employment rates and the GDP. I really, really want to believe him.

There is a woman who has arrived at my table. I'm told that she works for Friends of the Earth. She is telling me that there is a rally at Trafalgar Square this Saturday. It falls on the eve of global climate change talks in Nairobi. She is not offering me any money. I believe her. She seems sincere.

The climate change issue is an indisputable imperative, one that people care enough to talk about. Yet, I can go through every channel on my television without finding evidence of the courage that the situation demands. It's so important that governments worldwide introduce climate change laws that deliver annual cuts in global carbon emissions.

The point of the Stop Climate Chaos "I Count" rally ( is that it's not just about one person alone, writing to their MP, or another being conscientious in their habits, or even someone else angling for political or personal gain - it is about the fact that together we can make a difference, together we can send a message and together we can Stop Climate Chaos. TOGETHER WE COUNT.

The writer is the singer from Razorlight