Karen Chouhan: She should be sacked for these political beliefs

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People should be in no doubt about the type of organisation we are talking about and the beliefs that Simone Clarke has chosen to support. The party is exploiting Clarke's membership in order to prettify their extreme right-wing politics.

Historically the far-right has sought the endorsement of artistic figures to attempt to disguise the reality of their politics, which include everything that is opposite to the conditions necessary for artistic endeavour. The constitution of the BNP is to oppose "any form of racial integration" by actively working to stem "the tide of non-white immigration" so as to restore "the overwhelmingly white make-up of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948."

The BNP have and are seeking supporters in the establishment who aim to quietly undermine multiculturalism. The party has been expanding its membership among the powerful with recruitment drives in places such as Belgravia and Chelsea.

ENB cannot tiptoe through this one. It cannot continue to resist calls to remove Clarke.Those artists who defend the BNP should tell us if they defend the full reality of its politics: claims of ignorance are no defence.

Karen Chouhan is chair of Black Londoners Forum