Katy Guest: Rant & Rave (01/07/12)

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Evan Davies had to apologise on the Today programme last week for accidentally saying that the Euros are "over". The football tournament is only over for the England team, unfortunately. For the rest of us, it is still going on.

When that stops, and non-fans creep out of hiding to see if the people they live with have stopped shouting yet, there is still another week of Wimbledon to go. Then of course there will be some Grand Prix races, in which we are supposed to get excited about headachey noises going round and round … occasionally livened up by a near-death.

Our TV channels keep banging on about how they are filling our entire summers with sport, and it's too rainy and stormy to go outside to avoid it. If they don't give us a break just for one weekend, we'll all be sick to death of it before the Olympics even start.


Let's also take a break from knocking Beatrice and Eugenie, who came under fire last week for "making" poor Cinderella Middleton curtsey to them. The princesses achieved the best A-level results in royal history; received witchy body abuse after being paparazzi'd in bikinis; responded to bitching about that royal wedding hat by flogging it online and donating the proceeds to charity; and were kicked off the Queen's Jubilee boat to make way for Wills and Kate.

It's rare to find a royal with a sense of humour and a healthy grasp of her own ridiculousness, and they can hardly be blamed for centuries-old royal protocol. Plus, if we start asking what's the point of minor royals, we won't get far before the whole edifice comes crashing down. The point of the Royal Family is that there is no point, and Beatrice and Eugenie fulfil it admirably.