Message Board: McCain's running mate: a boost or a setback for women?

The election of Sarah Palin as vice president would be a backward step, not just for her sex, but for her country, Janet Street-Porter wrote last week. Palin fans and critics shared their views:
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Palin is hilarious. I hope McCain wins so that we can get to see how awful she is. Can you imagine her being elected over here?

Neil McGowan

'Fraid so. It could even happen – Jade Goody could stand for office.


Give Palin a chance. She's come out of nowhere and the very fact we have a female VP candidate is at least heartening. Yes, she's tough, but then she needs to be if she gets the job.


People said that about Margaret Hilda Thatcher. Just because a candidate is female, it doesn't mean that she isn't a ghastly authoritarian with a crushingly anti-feminist, anti-social, pro-corporate agenda.


At the end of the day, if the Americans could vote in George W Bush twice, then they're capable of voting anyone in – be it Sarah Palin or Jade Goody

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