Olivia Buxton: People said he looked like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball

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Before Movember my husband, Nick, never had facial hair – he only ever had a few days' shadow. We had our doubts that he'd be able to pull it off. He couldn't grow it that much – for a long time it didn't look like he had one. It was only in the last few days that it started looking like a moustache. But when it was done I thought it was quite becoming, though I'm not really a fan of facial hair.

It had a really tickly feel, almost like there was a little brush on his face with bristles. You can't properly kiss someone with one – it wasn't a very nice feeling.

There was quite a lot of mickey-taking from friends, with people saying he looked like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, but if I'm honest, I thought he looked quite handsome with it. He looked better than Tom Selleck in Magnum PI, at least.

Nowadays having a moutstache has become kind of cool, so it was ok to see him with one. I wasn't embarrassed to be at his side.

However I wasn't secretly hoping he'd keep it. He has quite a young-looking face so it's nice to have him clean-shaven and looking fresh-faced.

Our five-year-old was really confused when she saw him after he shaved. Eventually, she said: "Dad, you look lovely," so we know how she feels about Movember!