Stephen K Amos: Non-whites should get organised and join the party?

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I would love the opportunity to join the British National Party – and set up a new wing.

My first policy as the party's newest member would be to divide and conquer the current leadership and its manifesto. I would back Frank Bruno for leader.

The man is a British heavyweight and has plenty of experience of pantomime, so who better? Everyone likes Bruno, particularly The Sun, so perhaps they would consider backing us at the election.

This removal of the BNP's "whites-only" policy from its constitution – the very backbone of the party – is going to have a devastating effect. And there's the threat of a potentially strong and organised campaign to get black people in the party, to infiltrate it.

A concerted campaign could, I think, raise the kind of support necessary to succeed in changing the party. Most important is that it would take all manner of like-minded people to do it, regardless of their race. Who knows? It may be the shot in the arm our political system needs. A truly representative British National Party to show the current lot how it is done.

I believe it is within my power to do this. If Barack Obama can win votes in the Deep South, why can't I in this country? I can do what he has done, plus I have jokes, so I'm on to a winner. Who knows, if I manage it, they may give me the Nobel Peace Prize.