Thabo Mbeki: A shack today and a house tomorrow

From a speech by the South African President in KwaZulu-Natal province, to launch the ANC's election campaign
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The Government that we'll elect later this year is a government that keeps its promises. We inherited a population in despair. Today we have a population driven by hope. Our people know that even if I live in a shack today, tomorrow I will be in a house. Even if I am unemployed today, I will get skills to be in a better chance to get a job tomorrow.

We inherited an economy that was in crisis. We have turned around that economy. We have rescued an economy that was in a situation of disaster and turned it around. It is now strong and growing. We have made sure now that millions of our people live in the spirit of hope, because they have seen houses being built, water being delivered and electricity being connected.

Rich and poor, black and white, men and women, let's come together as one to confront our common national problems. Many people died in this province. We will do everything in our power to make sure the forthcoming elections are held in conditions of peace. We must make sure that nobody gets intimidated by anybody, so that our people in this province are able to decide for themselves freely whom they want as the government of KwaZulu Natal. We can't say we are making a contribution to African change and development if in our own country we cannot hold peaceful elections.

The ANC speaks with confidence because it has been at the head of a national effort to change our country for the better. We know that with you we can do more, better.