The Third Leader: Lions and tigers and boar, oh my!

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Others are not so convinced. They claim to find it all a bit dull, and are unlikely to be convinced otherwise by the newly introduced and experimental possibility of finding a branch of Lloyd's open.

There are, though, signs that visiting the countryside, at least, is about to become more exciting. Today we report that wild boar have been returned to Glen Affric, near Inverness, where they are happily snuffling and rooting, and where, as part of the movement to "re-wild" Britain, they could be joined by moose, a couple of wolf packs and brown bears.

How would you be with this? Do you like a little frisson with your ramble? Would you stir agreeably to the sound of snapped twigs and branches, to the closing proximity of something which now appears to have broken into a fast trot? Would you wait, equably, for a roar or howl before ascending that convenient tree? Or would you, like me, be wishing fervently that you'd never left that nice National Trust tea shop?

If the former, you might be interested to know that there are also proposals to introduce African lions on to America's Great Plains. If the latter, have another scone and don't sit with your back to the door.