The Third Leader: Slim Davey

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Hi! My name is... (what?) My name is.. (who?)

My name is...

Fairly Slim Davey

Hi! My name is... (huh?)

My name is... (what?)

Fairly Slim Davey

Ahem... excuse me!

Can I have the attention

of the class for one second?

Let's be clear:

There's a challenge here

And a challenge there

A challenge, in fact,


But the one today

If I may just say

The one I won't duck

Is a rhyme for duck

That isn't rude, Dude.

So, listen, er, chuck,

No more muck.

Dave's here to prove

You needn't be crude

Or mean or crazy

You wanna win?

Then keep it hazy.

So please don't fret

And don't you quibble

Get ready to get:

Socially responsible.

Drop the bling thing

Be cool as you like

That's right: it's time

To pimp your bike.

C'mon, let's be Happy

Rappy Chappies

With pleasant verses

Not upsetting curses

Bringing sunshine

In Your Smile

And Laughter

All the while.

Ernie, that was

a good one, too.


So won't the real

Fairly Slim Davey

please stand up,

please stand up?

With apologies to Eminem, and, well, everyone, really