Wanted – the people who make Britain a better place

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Here at The Independent on Sunday, we've been celebrating "happy" for ages, long before Pharrell Williams created "that" song.

The Happy List is now in its seventh year: it's our annual celebration of the 100 people who enrich our lives (a reposte to other newspapers' slavish championing of those who are just rich). Charity workers, fundraisers, mentors, entertainers and those who perform small and large acts of kindness form our collection – and what makes it so special is that they are nominated by you.

These people, by their nature, are not generally attention-seekers, so we need your help to find them. Please send me your nominations for anyone whose motive is increasing our happiness, rather than feathering their own nest.

Send your suggestions – a few details about the person and your reason for nominating them – email sundayletters@independent.co.uk or write to: Lisa Markwell, Editor, The Independent on Sunday, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5HF. The results will be published in our Happy List 2014 in May.

In other news, we have said goodbye to the inimitable Janet Street-Porter who, after writing a column for The IoS for 10 years, wants her weekends back, which is fair enough! She hasn't gone far... just to the Saturday paper. Starting this week is a new column by a stellar young talent, Ellen E Jones.

Ellen writes on everything from society to the arts (do read her TV reviews) and brings her gimlet eye and wry take on life in Britain today to The IoS. Keeping up with Ms Jones is now the name of the game.

Have a good, happy week ....