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Immaculate correction

In John Lichfield's article about Lourdes ("Miracles and masses", Review, 12 December), there was an error of Roman Catholic doctrine. The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary's own "state of grace" from the moment of her conception - unlike the rest of us who must be redeemed from original sin. The Virgin Birth refers to the conception "without sin" (ie without sex) of Jesus.

Uncommercial zone

In our report "Churches Slam the Faith Zone" (12 December) some church leaders condemned the "utterly commercial" hype surrounding the Millennium Dome. In fact, the Faith Zone is the only Dome zone which is not commercially sponsored.


In last week's paper, we mistakenly implied that Jack O'Sullivan, as a representative of Fathers Direct, was the author of the piece on page 3 entitled "Beating of chests is abandoned for friendly persuasion". In fact he contributed only two or three paragraphs and we apologise for any confusion caused. The American guru referred to is Robert Bly, not John Bly, and the title of his book is Iron John.