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Tobacco advertising IT WAS stated last week ("Tobacco firms fight ad ban", 8 August) that government ministers were preparing emergency legislation to ban tobacco advertising to thwart an unexpected legal challenge in the High Court from tobacco firms. This is not the case. The Government "reserves the right" to introduce primary legislation on this issue if it wishes.

Shopping therapy IN THE report about the retail civil recovery programmes against shoplifters ("Stores demand second `fine' from thieves", 8 August) Retail Loss Prevention, the company that set up the programme, was misnamed Retail Loss Recovery.

The wrong Kevin IN MICHAEL Booth's article about hackers ("The cowboys of cyberspace", Review, 8 August), the young men with the "Free Kevin" sticker on their laptop were not campaigning for Kevin Poulson (who is not in jail), but for Kevin Mitnick, who has been held on remand in a US jail since 1995 and was sentenced last week to remain there until January 2000.