Democracy 2015: where our supporters come from


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Where do you the supporters of Democracy 2015 live? We have plotted on the map above the locations of the many people who have expressed a willingness to participate.

The greatest concentration of respondents is in London and the South East of the United Kingdom. People from all over the capital have taken to the campaign enthusiastically, with particularly high numbers of responses from the southeast of the city. This initial support extends throughout the Home Counties and along the south coast.

Whilst the response has been strongest in the South East, inhabitants of most of the UK's major cities have expressed an interest in the movement's core beliefs and stated goals. People from the Greater Manchester area have been quick to take up the democratic principles outlined in Democracy 2015’s opening statement.As the movement develops and gains momentum, it will need to make inroads into the surrounding towns in the North West and strengthen its links in this region.

Across the Yorkshire border, it can be seen that responses have come from most major cities, including Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield. The map suggests that the campaign will look to broaden its reach into Wales and Northern Ireland as it develops. Encouragingly for Democracy2015 supporters, they have also managed to attract good levels of support in the South West of England.

This gives hope the campaign can be successfully expanded throughout the UK over the coming months. The support has been enthusiastic.